"The Heroes! activity
 book is an excellent tool
 for children whose
 parent or parents are
 being deployed in
 dangerous war zones.
 Without dwelling on
 the negative impacts
 of deployment, this
 workbook approaches
 deployment from the
 positive of what the hero
 parent is doing to help
 our country and how
 those children can
 preserve a long-
 distance relationship."

~ Mary Beth Williams, Ph.D., LCSW
   Trauma Recovery and Education
   Counseling Center

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According to Sylvia E. J. Kidd, Director of Family Programs for the Association of the US Army (AUSA), “just like their soldier dads and moms, many military children are experiencing an extraordinary number of deployments resulting in disruptions in their home routines and stress. AUSA Family Programs is continually searching for beneficial resources to help military parents [and] I highly recommend Susan Weaver’s books.”

Developed specifically for kids 4-14 who are struggling with deployment, Heroes! is a beautifully designed and produced activity book that helps them work through what they’re experiencing. In addition, it offers simple yet effective ways to deal with issues ranging from missing the deployed parent to dealing with anger, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by extra responsibilities at home.

Author Susan Weaver (a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist) gently walks children and “tweens” through carefully structured activities like drawing pictures, gathering photos and finding new ways to relax, cope and stay close while the parent is deployed. Heroes! makes a loving gift that helps reassure children while also helping them understand the important work their parent is doing. As children work through their worries, questions and loneliness, they also create a keepsake scrapbook both the child and the parent will treasure always.

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Heroes! Activity Book
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