"I particularly like
Worry Busters!
 activity that helps
 children decide how
 big their worry is
 and how to make
 their worry smaller."

~ Nancy S. Price, LCSW
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Sometimes, children try hard to hide their anxiety because they don’t want to be singled out. Other kids are so engulfed by worry it’s all they can think or talk about. Still other children aren’t even aware of how much anxiety they’re experiencing and simply accept it as the “normal” way of life. Worry Busters! was designed to open the doors of communication so adults can find out what’s going on inside a child’s head and help the child address what is causing the anxiety.

Developed specifically for kids 6-14, this beautifully designed and produced activity book not only helps children work through what they’re experiencing, it also offers healthy ways to let go of constant worry and anxiety.

Through carefully structured activities like drawing pictures, writing silly poems, making checklists and “animal sizing” different worries, author Susan Weaver helps children not only understand their worries, but learn simple ways to deal with them. Worry Busters! makes a loving gift. Plus, as children work through the activities page by page, they also create a keepsake scrapbook brimming with reassurance and worry-busting techniques they can turn to over and over again.

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Worry Busters!
Activity Book
Worry Book
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Help Kids Recognize
And Defuse Anxiety
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Worry Busters!  Activities for
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